VPS Hosting – Setup Fee


$550 AUD (One Time)

No experience in

  • Setting up your cPanel
  • Installing your Web Server and SQL
  • Configuring of Domain Names to Web Host
  • Enabling and configuring SSL for your Web Host
  • Setting up your Mailbox Accounts
  • Setting up your Webmail
  • Configuring of MX, DKIM and SPF Records

Fret not, we Make IT Simple. The Setup Fee includes

  • Performing All that tasks above
  • Providing you all the URLs to each Portal
  • Providing you all the Usernames and passwords
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  • You will be responsible for any software licensing hosted on your VPS where applicable.
  • Additional setup requirements may incur extra cost.
  • cPanel Access is only valid for 12 months (Renewal fee is separately charged)


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